Nutritional Information


We are striving to bring you the most updated information on some of our products. At this point in time, we currently have information available on our dressings, sauces, and soups.

We sell our dressings in 8oz or 16oz containers. Just give us a call first to check for availability!

8oz     $3.95

16oz   $6.95

(603) 226-3024

              VN= Vegan             

 VG= Vegetarian 

      DF= Dairy Free      

GF= Gluten Free

Turmeric Vinaigrette (DF, GF, VG)

Balsamic (VN, DF, GF, VG)

Sesame Ginger (DF, DF, VG)

Honey Dijon (DF, GF, VG)

Bleu Cheese (GF)

Smoky Chipotle (GF)

Caesar (GF)

Ranch (GF)

Italian (DF, GF, VG)

Sun-Dried Tomato (VN, GF, DF, VG)

BBQ Sauce (GF, DF, VG, VN)

Chimichurri Sauce (GF, VG)
Thai Peanut Sauce (GF, DF, VG)

Seasonal Dressings 

(not offered all year long)

Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette (GF, DF, VG)

Apple Cider Vinaigrette (GF, DF, VN, VG)

Strawberry Thyme Vinaigrette (VG, GF, DF)

Raspberry Vinaigrette (GF, DF, VN, VG)

We only have 2 soups daily. Please call us to find out which we are serving today!

Black Bean Soup (VG, VN, DF, GF)

Broccoli Cheddar Soup  (VG, GF)

Butternut Squash & Apple Soup (GF)

Caribbean Jerk Chicken Soup (DF, GF)

Carrot Ginger Soup (VG, VN, DF, GF)

Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup (VG, VN, GF, DF)

Lentil Soup  (VG, VN, DF)

Quinoa & Sweet Potato Chili with Black Beans (VG, DF, GF)

Thai Chicken Soup with Red Curry (DF, GF)

Three Bean Chili (VG, VN, DF, GF)

Tomato Basil Soup (VG, VN, DF, GF)

Tomato Soup with Garden Vegetables (VG,VN, DF, GF)

Turkey Chili with Beans (GF, DF)

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